Tired of wearing foundation? Then this is the care routine for you!

Regardless of whether you are a fan of make-up or only remember it when it comes to special occasions, what we can find in every cosmetic bag is a good powder. On the other hand, especially in the summer months, using this product is not the most practical, and if you are looking for a way to completely free your face from heavy foundation, then we have the right care routine for you!

If you strive for a perfect appearance of the facial skin, then it is 'ard perfect skin set something that must be found in your routine. What exactly is it about? This set contains complete care intended for oily and mixed skin prone to inflammatory processes, but also for the first signs of aging. In it you can find only three high-quality and functional products that restore the skin barrier, prevent inflammatory processes and make existing wrinkles and irregularities less visible.

 'ard, apart from its natural and effective products, is also recognized for promoting a minimalist routine, so we believe that you don't need a real army of products for the best results, but just a few of the right ones.

A face routine without irregularities begins with cleansing - a step that is the basis of every healthy skin and beautiful complexion.  'ard gel for cleaning the skin of the face, it will remove all impurities from the skin in one stroke, without the feeling of tightening or drying. After cleansing the skin of the face, apply  'ard VM vitamins & minerals perfect skin & natural botox cream for deep hydration and regeneration. This cream has only recently become a member of the 'ard family, but it already has a special status due to its effectiveness and truly fantastic results. It is a cream that contains vitamins A and B, minerals, zinc and copper and hyaluronic acid, so it easily restores the skin's balance, provides deep hydration and prevents inflammatory processes, making wrinkles and irregularities less visible.

For best results, include once or twice a week in your routine 'ard peeling for the face and lips in a cream with chamomile that removes all dead skin cells and is ideal for its renewal.

In addition to great products, results require consistency and discipline in the routine, and you can notice the first results after 10 days of use, while bigger changes come within 3 to 6 months, depending on the problem.

Also, in case you have acne, at the beginning of the routine you may notice the formation of inflammatory processes because the skin goes through the renewal process, but after a short time it calms down and you notice the first expected results. Persistence is important in everything, including proper skin care, so be persistent and enjoy a perfect complexion that will not require make-up!


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