How to care for facial skin before going to the sea? 

We have to admit that we are slowly counting down the days until we pack our suitcases and go on a well-deserved vacation. In parallel with dreaming about vacations, we also prepare our wardrobe for the upcoming warm months, but everyday combinations are not the only things we need to prepare for a stay at the beach! Preparing the skin for being in the sun, as well as exposure to sea salt, wind and all other summer joys that the skin itself does not like as much as we do, is of immense importance when it comes to maintaining health. How many times have you returned from vacation and your skin is dry, tired looking and often more prone to irregularities? That is exactly why preparing the skin of the face for going to the sea is key to preserving its health and beauty, and here are a few steps that will be of great help to you:

1. Daily cleansing of the skin of the face Place 'ard face gel in your beach bag to remove impurities, oil and make-up residues. This mild gel helps the skin to breathe and prevents clogging of pores. Just one push is enough to clean the whole face, and because of the natural ingredients, you won't feel your face tightening, but it will be hydrated. Also, for better results, use a mild 'ard scrub once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and improve its texture. In addition to the fact that the complexion will be more beautiful, the tan will last longer on a face that is well prepared for sunbathing!

2. Hydration, hydration and more hydration Avoid heavy creams that can be too greasy for summer temperatures and include one of 'ard creams in your collection, depending on your skin type. 'ard VM vitamins & minerals perfect skin and natural botox-hyaluron cream is ideal for deep hydration and care of all skin types, including mature skin with the first signs of aging, as well as skin prone to inflammatory processes and acne. On the other hand, 'ard moisturizing facial cream with chamomile restores dry and damaged skin, making irregularities and wrinkles less visible, so even if you overdo it with the sun, this cream will be your best ally in skin renewal. Also, don't forget about sufficient liquid intake, because in order for the hydration to be complete, we need to nourish the skin from the inside as well.

We are sure that with proper facial skin care, you will make the most of what the summer months bring us!


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