'ard natural cosmetics is a domestic brand of premium phytoaromatherapeutic cosmetics.

The philosophy of the brand is based on minimalism and natural ingredients, so its name is symbolic; in translation, 'ard means earth, which brilliantly reflects exactly what makes 'ard natural cosmetics, because all plants originate precisely from - the earth.

In addition to the ingredients that guarantee the quality of 'ard products, what makes the brand recognizable is its visual identity that reflects the beauty of the skin.

'ard celebrates natural and well-groomed skin, and everything about it is symbolic.

For example, the color of the 'ard label symbolizes the natural beauty of the skin, which we all strive for.



After unsuccessfully searching for products that would restore and nourish my dry skin and trying all the products that were offered on the market, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a formulation that would make my skin look fresher and younger, soft and nourished right after the first use without leaving an oily traits.

Today, I can proudly say that at the age of 37, my skin looks and feels better than ever, so I decided to market my formulation, after it was approved by a dermatologist, so that girls and women with the same problem could find the ideal product and solution for themselves.

– Katarina Mešić


Clinically proven, active, herbal ingredients from 'ard products have an anti-inflammatory effect and visibly reduce dryness, irritation and smooth the skin, providing an anti-aging effect already after the first use.

The product recipe is not conventional, but a phytoaromatherapeutic recipe.

What exactly does that mean?

Phytoaromatherapy is a medical method of treating various conditions with herbs that is licensed by the Ministry of Science and Education, which means that for each plant there is scientifically proven research that helps with certain ailments.


'ard products are not reserved exclusively for women,

and we try to present 'ard as a necessity in order for the skin to be above all healthy, and not as something determined by gender.

Due to the quality ingredients, the products are suitable for use during pregnancy, as well as for the care of child skin!

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