This cream, which perfectly prepares the skin for make-up, is a must have 

All make-up lovers know that good skin preparation is half the job done. In order for our make-up to be permanent, as natural and even-looking as possible, it is important to pay attention to the way we prepare our facial skin for make-up. You must have heard about primers countless times by now - it is a product whose goal is to prepare the skin well for make-up, but did you know that you can achieve the same effect with a good face cream? A real example of such a cream is the 'ard moisturizing facial cream with chamomile, which, in addition to restoring dry and damaged skin, making irregularities and wrinkles less visible, also serves as an excellent 'primer', i.e. the perfect first step before applying make-up. It perfectly prepares the facial skin for the application of powder as the base of any make-up look, and due to deep hydration, it prolongs its durability on the face itself. Also, this cream narrows the visibility of pores and the powder itself will not flake on the skin. A great catch for all skincare and make-up lovers, as well as a great tool for make-up professionals as well as amateurs.


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