How to prepare facial skin for autumn?

It is a matter of the day when we will step into the first autumn days, and as every beginning of a new season brings plenty of changes, they did not pass by our cosmetics bag either. After a long warm summer marked by sunny days, and where cream with a protective factor was at the center of our daily skincare routine, it's time for facial skin care to become a little richer!

The whole world knows about the importance of skin hydration, but this step is so crucial in the daily skincare routine that there is never too much talk about it. When the skin is dry or dehydrated, it simply cannot show its full potential; make-up does not fit nicely, the skin flakes, tightens and often stings, so it is important to include nourishing products that will provide the skin with adequate care in all its layers. What happens in autumn is that we spend more time at home, that is, in rooms where the air is quite dry due to heating, and also low temperatures and wind are not very kind to the skin itself, thus further damaging its barrier and contributing to drying itself. In order to avoid this, it is important to include moisturizing products in your daily facial skin care, which will simultaneously protect the skin and facilitate its regeneration process.

To begin with, avoid washing your face in extremely hot water. The high temperature of the water washes away the skin's natural oils and thus contributes to its drying, so it is better to do this first step of the routine with lukewarm water. Furthermore, it is very important which product you use to clean the skin of the face, because the vast majority of gels contain drying out formulas that can disturb the natural pH of the skin and thus contribute to its drying. 'ard cleansing gel with chamomile is an excellent example of a product that removes make-up from the face in just a few steps, and after the use the skin is soft to the touch and does not feel tight. This gel is both effective and gentle on the skin, so even the most sensitive can use it thanks to the high concentration of Roman chamomile hydrolate, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. If you haven't found a product that removes all impurities in the blink of an eye, including make-up, without burning your eyes - then this is the product for you! In order to make this whole process as simple and as effective as possible, there are also 'ard washable face pads. These are environmentally friendly pads that make it easier to remove makeup. They are designed so that one side of the pad has a rougher part ideal for removing mascara, while the softer cotton part is ideal for cleaning the rest of the face.

Furthermore, after the skin has been deeply cleansed, it needs to be nourished. 'ard moisturizing facial cream with chamomile is the ideal solution if you are looking for a light cream that does not leave a greasy mark on the face and gives the skin a long-lasting feeling of softness. The first thing that wins you over with this cream is that the complexion is even and velvety after use, and it is also a great base for make-up. Due to the high concentration of Roman chamomile hydrolate, it reduces inflammation, redness and irritation, and thanks to the cold-pressed macadamia oil, it is an ideal solution for the cold months ahead because it protects the skin from drying out. Also, this cream is excellent for the care of the eye area and is a great ally of anti-aging care!

What we must not forget in autumn is the skin exfoliation, which is extremely important during low temperatures. By peeling, we remove dead cells from the skin, help in its regeneration and promote facial circulation, and the result is an even complexion and skin with long-lasting softness. Also, throughout the care, we often forget to pay attention to the thinnest part of the facial skin, which are the lips. Exfoliation is the key to maintaining their neat appearance, and this step will prevent them from cracking and burning. 'ard peeling for face and lips in cream with chamomile is extremely light, with a natural chamomile scent, and will gently remove dead cells, while macadamia oil will preserve the moisture of the face and provide protection from drying out.

In order to welcome autumn ready, we recommend the 'ard start plus face care set, which contains everything you need for hydrated, soft skin that simply bursts with health. This practical set contains all the mentioned products and is ideal for all those who strive for a minimal skincare routine with maximum effect!


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