A complete routine for perfectly hydrated facial skin in winter

We cannot talk about beautiful and balanced facial skin without one thing, and that is hydration. It is a term that often stands out during the summer months when its level in the skin drops drastically due to high temperatures, but maintaining an optimal level of hydration is a big challenge in winter as well... Low temperatures, dry air in heated rooms and wind are known enemies of healthy skin. Also, unlike the rest of the body, which we warm with our favorite fashion pieces, the skin of the face is the first to be hit by all external troubles, which can best be seen by its dry appearance, often accompanied by a feeling of tightness, flaking and burning. How to get to this problem? The focus of the daily skincare routine should be on hydration, i.e. products that will not dry out the facial skin with their active formulas, but will act on it like a 'glass of water'. Three very simple steps are essential for keeping the skin hydrated! The first step is, of course, thorough cleansing of the facial skin. Although the goal is to remove all impurities from the skin itself, the products we use should not be rough and dry the skin itself, which often happens due to the frequent aggressive composition. 'ard wasing gel with chamomile and removing make-up will not dry out or irritate the skin thanks to the high concentration of Roman chamomile hydrolate. This gel has an anti-inflammatory effect and in one stroke removes all makeup, even the most stubborn mascara, without burning or tightening the skin. This is why it is suitable for every type of facial skin because it is gentle and effective at the same time. Furthermore, this routine is best locked in with the second step, which is 'ard moisturizing face cream with chamomile. This cream perfectly restores dry and damaged skin and is also ideal as a part of an anti-aging routine because it contains hydrolyzed elastin and collagen. In time, it will also become your favorite eye cream because it restores a fresh, rested appearance to every look. Furthermore, to make the routine complete, depending on the skin type, exfoliate once or twice a week. 'ard peeling for face and lips in cream with chamomile is great for removing dead facial skin cells, its circulation and will give the skin a nourished, radiant look! With a routine of just a few steps and quality products, facial skin hydration will no longer be a challenge!

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