Discover the cream due to which any face foundation will look flawless!

One of the biggest challenges in the make-up world is definitely finding the perfect foundation.The expectations we have from this make up product are numerous; from being a perfect concealer of almost any irregularity of the skin, but still not to stand out too much, beyond that it evens out our natural complexion, up to the point that it is long-lasting on the face. On the other side, choosing the foundation itself should not be so much in focus because its effectiveness depends solely on good skin preparations!

We cannot talk about quality facial skin preparation for the soft up routine without a nourishing cream which will actually do most of the work. In order for the foundation to fit perfectly to the facial skin, it is necessary to feed the skin in all its layers, which will help to avoid the feeling of dryness during the day that is often the result of the make-up itself, as well as situations in which the foundation simply slips off the facial skin just a few hours after applying it. A great example of such a cream is the acclaimed 'ard moisturizing facial cream with chamomile containing a high concentration of Roman chamomile hydrolate, and because of the check, it is ideal for skin care prone to redness, irritation and inflammation process. In addition to chamomile, an important part of its formula is cold-pressed macadamia oil which protects the skin from drying out, and which is especially important to ensure in the cold days ahead.

Furthermore, the pH of this cream is something that is definitely worth noting, and it is 4-5.5, which is why, by regular use, the skin becomes stronger and the barrier is renewed. The texture of 'ard moisturizing facial cream with chamomile is very similar to primer because it creates a silky feeling on the face and reduces the visibility of enlarged pores, which is why it is a favorite choice for prepping the skin for applying the make-up. Apart from the fact that this cream will become your favorite make-up ally, using it on a regular basis, it will also recover all the small irregularities that we actually cover up with powder, that you will at one point simply say goodbye to its use.

What we in 'ard cosmetics are extremely proud of the is fact that the formula of this cream contains water exclusively from aloe vera (not a drop more than that), so most of the composition consists of organic, natural ingredients which are proven to improve health, and thus the appearance of the skin. If you are looking for a multifunctional product that will not only be your favorite make-up ally, but will provide your skin with deep care and hydration, then 'ard moisturizing face cream is something that must also be found on your cosmetic shelf!


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